Radeon VII Mining Rig Build | HIGH 480 MH/s and 1240 Watts!! | amd radeon vii

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VIDEO Radeon VII Mining Rig Build | HIGH 480 MH/s and 1240 Watts!!

amd radeon vii

In this video we build a 6 Radeon VII mining rig. We talk about the important information for the build, how much money can you make mining with this rig and when will it break-even.

⌚ Timestamps:
00:00 – Intro
00:36 – Overview
01:03 – Parts List
03:35 – Build Timelapse
10:15 – Build Side Notes
11:20 – Setting Up OS
11:45 – Watts Calculation
12:24 – Profitability

⭐ MUST WATCH Radeon VII Mining Overview Guide – https://youtu.be/y-WLQJH2sUU
⭐ MORE INFO About this build and updated profits found here – https://miningchamber.com/gpu-mining/radeon-vii-mining-overview

🔗 Links
• NerdGearz Store – https://nerdgearz.com
• 5 Must-Do Tips For Mining In Windows 10 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39-Vo…
• Profit calculator WhatToMine https://whattomine.com/coins/151-eth-…

⚙️ Mining Rig Parts
• Radeon VII | On Ebay | http://ebay.com
• Frame – Veddha 6 GPU | I recommend using AAAWAVE | https://aaawave.com
• Motherboard – Biostar TB250-BTC | On Amazon | https://geni.us/pqXO7
• Memory [RAM] – 1 x 8GB DDR4 2400MHz | On Amazon | https://geni.us/BzTiC
• Storage [SSD] – Kingston SSD 120GB | On Amazon | https://geni.us/k9Rt54u
• Processor [CPU] – Intel Celeron 3930 | On Amazon | https://geni.us/TpwhE0
• Power Supply [option 1] – 2x Corsair RMx 850w | On Amazon | https://geni.us/npqC0J
• Power Supply [option 2] – EVGA 1600W Titanium | On Amazon | https://geni.us/4KjFNWB
• PCI-E Riser – UBit 6 Pack | On Amazon | https://geni.us/64IP5Mj
• EZDIY RGB Fans 5 Pack | On Amazon | https://geni.us/1rtLR
• PCI-E Splitter | On NerdGearz | https://geni.us/NerdGearz
• Dual PSU Adapter | On Amazon | https://geni.us/LKiuK1P
• WIFI Dongle | On Amazon | https://geni.us/hHA1OtN
• Smart Plugs | On Amazon | https://geni.us/7BioAAj & https://geni.us/eX22IX

🏬 Places To Buy Mining Hardware From:
• NerdGearZ (US & CA) – https://geni.us/NerdGearz
• ParallelMiner (US, CA & More) – https://www.parallelminer.com/?wpam_id=189
• MineShop (EU & More) – https://mineshop.eu/?raf=ref6330164

💻 Mining Software/Operating System We Use:
• HiveOS – Operating System | https://hiveos.farm/?ref=192319
• Kryptex – Software On Windows 10 | https://www.kryptex.org/?ref=3fdc9287

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🔥 Our Top GPUs for Mining
[Check your local market apps for better deals!] – (Offer ups, letgo, Kijiji, Craigslist, etc.)
• RX 5700 XT | On Amazon | https://geni.us/LpPDYa
• RX 5600 XT | On Amazon | https://geni.us/w9CmpF
• GTX 1660 Super | On Amazon | https://geni.us/k2G0ytP
• RX 580s 8GB | On Amazon | https://geni.us/4vc98Ls
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Picture Radeon VII Mining Rig Build | HIGH 480 MH/s and 1240 Watts!!

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  1. You don’t need cooling when you have RGB RGB will always keep the cards at an extra thousand mega hash per card if you have RGB on the rig also it will keep the cards way below zero temperatures

  2. Sir please make a video I can I buy GPUs, special radeon VII,
    I'm from India here GPU market isn't that great so getting them is quite difficult, and suggestions how can I get them

  3. Guys…unless you got some connection..I don’t recommend Radeon VII ‘s for anyone’s build…scalper prices only and their insane at over 2 Grand now. Stick with 1080Ti’s if you want to keep your build affordable.

  4. mine is 5 radeon VII made from one of your videos convincing me in oct 2020, at a cost of about $6k. since then its made me about $10k, still running strong (although 2 cards collect some invalid shares). Thanks and of course subscribed and recommend channel to other peeps. at its high the ethermine est profit was over $3500/month (which lasted about a week lol)

  5. By now you should be millionaire , with a 3090 and 110mh I get more than 400 USD per month.(I mined exactly 0.5 ETH in 4 months), congratz dude 😉 I paid my 3090 1700 USD so i'ts reimbursed 100% in 4 month, now its all benefit.

  6. hello sir i am not getting this answer from anywhere please help,
    how long we can run a mining rig in a day(hours). without any problem. or how in how many hours should in turn it off .

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