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VIDEO Merch by Amazon Tools ⚡️ Maximize Profits With Merch Flow

merch by amazon là gì

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Hello! Hope you are well. I am excited to share a new, free tool for Merch by Amazon. For a while now I wanted a way to organize my BSRs to see which products fall off into the high millions, so I can tweak the listings and get them selling again, especially if I believe they are strong designs and unique offers for customers.

This is useful for people going into Q4 with a lot of products that are simply deadweight, sitting idly in your Merch accounts and cluttering up the space doing nothing. Let’s get them selling again.

If you are in the low tiers and need to tier up, I recommend these two videos. They show exactly what I would do to leverage seasonal trends and grab sales fast.
👉 Part 1:
👉 Part 2:

Thanks for watching 💛

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For more free, step by step Merch by Amazon beginner tutorials & guides in 2019, check out my other videos! Topics include design, how to do keyword research and find the best keywords, trend research, SEO & search engine optimization, writing your listing, Merch Informer, and so MUCH more the list goes on. This channel is meant mainly for beginners under Tier 2000 (but all are welcome!) 💛

Disclaimers: all opinions are my own, links in the description are typically affiliate links that let you help support the channel at no extra cost. thanks for watching! 😊

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20 bình luận về “Merch by Amazon Tools ⚡️ Maximize Profits With Merch Flow | merch by amazon là gì”

  1. Hi Blake, thank you for all the helpful information in your video. I watched all of them. In some of the video, you mentioned that there is a Niches PDF file that we can download, but I am not able to find it. Do you mind to point me to the place to download it. Thanks!

  2. Wouldn't this Tool be considered as an Automation Tool since it updates the prices automatically without you clicking on the Submit Button or Something like that. and we know that Amazon doesn't like Automation Tools. Just asking because I don't want to risk my Account still being in the Low Tiers.

  3. Thanks for the tips, Blake. I just passed my one-year anniversary on MbA and realized that my bestselling shirt from my first few months now sells nothing. So I revisited it and tweaked it and now it's selling again. I will definitely check out this tool and I look forward to more videos from you! Best of luck in Q4.

  4. Blake thank you thank you thank youuuuuuu very helpful bro! One question: how i can find more idea to create new designs? I mean i want something like intersection! Or somes videos about psychologie designs, im on tier 1000, i follow you since tier 10 thank you bro I sincerely mean it.

  5. Nice vid man..Not to knock merch flow but check my video for Productor for Merch.. does wayyyy more and it’s currently free and now just sponsored with Merch Informer.

  6. Another handy feature is a column with review scores on each product, this is not available in many Merch products out there. You can click the score to get to your product listing on Amazon.

  7. Great Tool! I just installed it a few hours ago.
    Do i understand it right: New Products and updated products get a Boost?
    So if i change the price, it is possible to boost some older listings? 🙂

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