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VIDEO How to Share a VPN connection over Wi-Fi on Windows 10

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By default, you can note share your Windows VPN over your Wi-Fi. But, there is always a workaround with a simple app called Connectify. This method works for every Windows Laptop irrespective of the hardware and here’s how you do it.

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Picture How to Share a VPN connection over Wi-Fi on Windows 10

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  1. so i originally followed this tutorial with nordvpn and it worked seamlessly. however, i wanted to watch a movie on netflix that is only available in the netherlands and none of nordvpn’s netherlands servers are able to bypass netflix, so i got an expressvpn subscription because their netherlands servers are able to bypass netflix. when i tried to share my expressvpn connection through my connectify hotspot, it would work, but there wouldn’t be an internet connection. also, i noticed that expressvpn’s virtual adapter isn’t windows v9 but nordvpn’s is. do you know why this is and how to fix it? please respond asap!

  2. Bro, I am a subscriber of your channel. Nice video and tricks. Can you tell me one thing which software can I use to share my VPN connection from Android phone from WiFi to WiFi! Not LTE to WiFi hotspot. I mean my phone will be connected to WiFi and I will share the same WiFi over hotspot via VPN.

  3. I've been using this for two days straight now and it has not dropped out once. I'm really surprised that there has been no comment from you as I am a customer and a massive Smart DNS Proxy fan and this is great news for Roku users everywhere (except US). I intend to post this on Whirlpool and Reddit where the problem has been discussed. Australia's main telco modems are locked down and router bridging disables important modem functionality ie auto 4g backup. The notion of having a proxied wifi network available for all devices – android, ios, Chromecast and smert TV's as well as Roku is quite stunning to me. But Proxy speeds are essential.

  4. Good news and bad news. The bad news is that this method did not really work for me due to the extreme slowness of the vpn and the reluctance of my roku streaming stick to pick up the Hotspot. But I was using Win 7. The good news is that I found a much better method and have been happily watching my usa roku content in Australia without restriction all night. All you do is set up your wireless network adapter with the Smart DNS Proxy settings exactly as as you would a wired network and then use Connectify to grab your normal wireless network which Roku picks up instantly. Then you have all that wonderful Proxy speed with no VPN headaches. Give a try. It works with Win 7 and I'm sure it will also work with Win 10 but I'm unable to test that at the moment. I really think this deserves its own video as it's many times better than what is described here. So thanks for leading me to Connectify. I'm bit worried BTW that it will drop out every 10 mins after the free trial expires.

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