How To EASILY Install Android(Froyo) on the HTC HD2 tutorial (Check description 11/24) | memory trong task manager quá cao

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VIDEO How To EASILY Install Android(Froyo) on the HTC HD2 tutorial (Check description 11/24)

memory trong task manager quá cao

*Updated NOVEMBER 24, 2010 Hey everyone, I sold my Hd2 so CLICK HERE for the ULTIMATE easy to follow guide to help change your rom to remove robot voice and get android on your phone

****If you like my work i would appreciate any donations to support the efforts, click to donate via paypal and if you have ANY video tutorial request send it in the “message to seller section” thank to you ALL


Here is a quick 10 min guide to installing Android on your HD2, it wasnt stable at first so I didnt wanna make a guide and get asked a million questions since it was very buggy. NOW its more-so STABLE, ran it 2 days straight now, no freezng, no green screen of death and all the things i need works, camera, phone calls, texts, market, wifi, 3g and usb sync.

Steps are simple:
Preliminary: oh your HD2 go to SETTINGS, then click the lower right on MENU, then click the ALL SETTINGS tab that pops up. Go down, click on POWER, then BACKLIGHT and make sure you UNCHECK the Auto backlight option because if left on, your back-light may never go out on Android, so UNCHECk it. Also go to your task manager and make sure all running apps are CLOSED before you load android.

1. download the Froyo Rom here(DIRECT link to the site where you should bookmark and check back weekly for updates and information, just read, learn and scroll to the bottom and click DOWNLOAD:

2. PLUG your hd2 into the computer and use it as mass storage mode, not active sync mode. wait for the computer to detect the sd card.

3. Double Click on and UNZIP/EXTRACT the file directly to your hd2 storage card
4. On your device, go to START, FILE EXPLORER, and go to your sdcard, you should see the files your just extracted there, IN THIS ORDER, click on the CLCRAD file(this file gets the sound to work in android so always run it first) nothing will happen so dont worry about it, THEN click on HARET to start the process.

5. THATS IT, android 2.2 should load up after you click on HARET, sometimes it may not load on the first 1 or 2 tries, if so just pull the battery out then try again, click CLCRAD thn HARET again. if it freezes, gives you a green screen or stuck on a black screen then you may need to Update your phone HSPL to HSPL3(I dont know what it does in detail but i do know the original SPL installed on the phone isnt too friendly or compatible with the Android modding, its a very fast process and BEST OF ALL…ITS REVERSIBLE so dont be scared, the HSPL 3 link is here —)

6. You can delete the HSPL.exe file from the storage card, you can only run it from the computer. HSPL3 file mods your device to allow installation of custom roms/etc so IF the Android is not working after 2-3 times then you will probably have to double click the HSPL3 file on your computer, and plug your hd2 in to update it.

For those who want me to do MORE VIDEOS, of how to change your rom to fix the robotic voice and all that other good stuff, just give THUMBS UP, use my paypal donation link at the top if you want to support the movement, i appreciate all the love. Life is real busy so i try to take care of you all when i can.

DIRECT Developer XDA link is here, so follow for more updates and remember…I DID NOT CREATE THIS, find ADVANCED troubleshooting here

Picture How To EASILY Install Android(Froyo) on the HTC HD2 tutorial (Check description 11/24)

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  4. Hey@hakeem5 i did every thing but after i double click HARET all that happens is HTC on a black background and it freezes there.Do you what Im doing wrong if this has happened or if you know what I could do PLEASE help me I really want to do this but Im not tech savvy at all.

  5. Hey, I'm having trouble charging my phone now. The battery doesn't really seem to charge when it's in the Android version, and it'll turn off, then turn back on and load windows, then it turns from green light, off, then orange as if it was charging, and it continues the pattern. I can't get it to charge unless it remains completely off.

  6. i got it. There is a guy with an account named autotradeking who has videos on how to do to this. It worked for me. Thank you but this method just didnt work out for Your Manssss.

  7. Im beginning to think that it is not possible to download android 2.2 on my hd2.. Every video i watch doesnt make sense and the links always show up as discontinued or tries to get my credit card number.. I dont know what to do, and im not sure who can help

  8. @Vooliscool I have to admit that you make me very impressed. Thank you very very much my bro. thank you for everything and now I think I will change to Android.
    – if you have please any site to help me and teach me how can I use Android O.S.
    With Thankful,
    My Best Regards to you

  9. @abdalla5243305

    -If a new version appeared you would be able to install it without formatting your phone easily.

    -You will be able to come back to Windows mobile whenever you want.

    -Android is better performance because it better cpu usage and it has task managers so it'll run faster when you quit applications. It also has overclocking ability's .

    -Plus you can put windows mobile 7 on it if you wish.

  10. @Vooliscool First of all, I have to thank you for this responding "thank you very much"
    Actually, I have three questions only that is
    – if I installed Android after that new version of it appeared on the internet can I install this new version without format my mobile/?????
    – if I would like to come back to WM can I do that ???
    – I think you installed Android because it is open source and most of Android programs are free. However, I want to know What is the best in performance?


  11. @abdalla5243305 i never heard that but i understand what they mean. it's nothing too bother you their talking about android 4.0 that hasn't been released yet. Also if you want to you can overclock your phone.

    If you have any more doubts reply and illl tell you.

    PS. i have hd2 htc sensation and hd7 and iphone 3gs

  12. @Vooliscool but I read a lot a bout android and most of people told me Android still under development and I don't know if I install it my HD2 will be faster more than WM phone???

  13. Excuse me !!! I have HTC hd2 and I want to change the O.S of my mobile to Android but I want to know is that will be better for my mobile phone and Android O.s will give me the best performance for my mobile instead of windows Mobile ??????

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