Exchange Server 2010 -Part 4 DNS & MX records | cấu hình dns cho mail server

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VIDEO Exchange Server 2010 -Part 4 DNS & MX records

cấu hình dns cho mail server

Configure DNS to resolve mail; setup A records, MX records, and NS records. Test DNS resolution. Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 for beginners.

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  1. Please help! I have a Office365 tenant with my own DNS Name which is registered at GoDaddy. Now i have installed a Exchange Server 2010 on my On-Perm enviroment. How can i now configure the DNS/MX records? Will you explain please?

  2. Thank you so much for these videos! A week ago I knew nothing about setting up a mail server, now I have Exchange setup on my server pc and I'm sending emails back & forth from user accounts on my client pc!

  3. I installed two NIC in my VMWARE LAB one is on NAT the other one is local .. You used static Public IP when i try to use public ip which is i found this ip using whatismyip and internal ip is when i use ExternalIP 37…99 its say server with this IP is not authoritive for required zone

  4. Using VM workstation 9.I have setup 2 domain controllers each running exchange has IP and the other is running fine and the users in the respective domains can email each thru outlook.but the problem is; how do I route the 2 networks to have users email across the domains.I tried to configure 2 servers as routers but am stuck.. This my school project. Guys help:-)

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  6. Can I make this work in a lab environment?
    I'm using VMWare 9 workstation. Right now I have (2) DCs and an Exchange server 2010 all on the NIC bridge setting. They all are static and can still see my internet even though it's on another subnet.

  7. Thanks for you videos, I have an exchange server thats already configured for local and external emai, the only issue i have is that on our mobile devices we can only acces the server with the external server setting
    . when we are in the office we can't acces email via our mobile devices. is there a way in the dns server that I can resolve the external server we are using on the mobile devices to resolve to the internal adress of the exchange server when we are inside the office? thanks!

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