Cross VS Isolated Margin Trading Phemex Tutorial – Bitcoin Leverage Trading Tips | isolated margin là gì

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VIDEO Cross VS Isolated Margin Trading Phemex Tutorial – Bitcoin Leverage Trading Tips

isolated margin là gì

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Picture Cross VS Isolated Margin Trading Phemex Tutorial – Bitcoin Leverage Trading Tips

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  10. So if i use cross leverage, the amount of leverage size x10 x50 x100 that i click it doesn't matter? Since it is based on how much percentage that i have used in my trading account? For example, if i have 1000 usd in my trading account, and i used 1% of my 1000usd which is 10usd to trade with cross leverage, may i know how much leverage I'm actually using?

  11. hi Crypto Joe, im fairly new to trading and i recently opened a cross margin trade at 45k for BTC on 10xleverage, after a week or two my leverage got adjusted to 5x automatically, i dont understand why because im still in profit… has anybody got a clue why its telling me i have insuficcient margin…?

  12. When you're doing cross margin, does the exchange continually liquidate your other assets over time in case the price of say BTC goes down? Or is it all just liquidated in one go if and when BTC hits that much lower liquidation price (vs the isolated margin liquidation price).

  13. So basically isolated is more safer since you'll only lose what you've put in for margin? And Cross means the exchange will grab your whole cap when its needed which is more risky.

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